BillingServ Wins Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards in Review

BillingServ is proud to receive the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for the same year. With the overwhelming customer satisfaction, BillingServ has been developed with the idea to simplify invoicing and billing so businesses can focus on what really matters – building their business further without the hassle or time […]

BillingServ V2 is Launching Wednesday 1st March

We are proud to announce that BillingServ V2 is releasing this Wednesday the 1st of March. It’s been a tough year to completely rebuild BillingServ from the ground up. We learnt a lot building V1 and applied that to V2. We’ve built some strong partnerships with over the last year, BluePay, WorldPay, Marchant Focus and […]

Feature Spotlight V2: Stripe Recurring Billing

BillingServ V2 is nearly here, so we wanted to continue with the blog series of what’s coming in V2. The next feature we would like to talk about is Stripe which is releasing in V2. Stripe has been completely rewritten from the ground up, which means everything has been rebuilt with the latest API Changes. […]

Feature Spotlight V2: GoCardless

BillingServ V2 is just around the corner, we are so excited to get BillingServ Released to all our clients. The next feature we would like to talk about is GoCardless which is releasing in V2. GoCardless allows any sized business to accept Direct Debits via BillingServ, setup clients and bill them via GoCardless and receive […]

Feature Spotlight V2: New Client Dashboard

Today’s Feature Spotlight focuses on the new client dashboard that was added into BillingServ V2. The new dashboard is feature rich, fully mobile friendly and has added features. With the new dashboard view, your clients will be able to see a greater picture of their accounts. See outstanding invoices, support tickets, order services and much […]

BillingServ V2 New Feature – PYMTPro

![PYMTPro the new BillingServ Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway](/content/images/2016/06/pablo–1-.png) We recently released some news about our new upcoming version of BillingServ, V2. We promised that we would start blogging more about some of the exciting features that are being released in V2. One of our new features being released in BillingServ V2 is [PYMTPro](, our very own […]

BillingServ version 2.0 is coming!

![BillingServ V2.0 is coming!](/content/images/2016/06/BSV2-3.png) When development on Version 2.0 of BillingServ began, we set ourselves some very ambitious goals. We set out to completely rewrite BillingServ to make it even easier to use and decided this was the route to take, instead of just building on our existing platform. That’s why BillingServ V2.0 is a […]

Accept ION and Bitcoin Via BillingServ!

Here at BillingServ we are glad to announce that we have been working hard to bring BillingServ 2.0 which will allow you to accept payments via ION and Bitcoin (More will be added during the rest of the year). With BillingServ 2.0 you can now create invoices, sell products and services. We built V2.0 to […]

Streamline Your Business Operation With BillingServ and BluePay

We’ve coupled BluePay’s secure payment solution with BillingServ’s user-friendly online ordering and invoicing platform, combined to offer easy payment acceptance directly through the BillingServ interface. BillingServ’s multi-level account structure integrates with any website and is feature-rich with easy invoice creation, customisation options, unique user permissions, extensive reporting, and secure payment options. Accept transactions securely using […]

BillingServ Guarantees 100% Uptime for Small Businesses and Hosting Companies in Need of Dependable Cloud-Based Billing Services!

OpenStack-Powered DreamCompute enables this international SaaS provider to keep its promises and get the bills in on time. Delivering software as a service requires no shortage of computing muscle, especially when you have a global client base that demands 100% uptime. For this task, UK-based billing services provider BillingServ has utilized OpenStack-based cloud services, first […]